Step 1

On arrival, gently remove any wet paper or moss that may be around the roots.

Step 2

Place into a pot with your preferred permium potting mix.

For all plants in pots, we recommend adding 25% Perlite to your prefered premium potting mix for extra drainage and airation.

Step 3

Give the plant a good water to settle the potting mix around the roots. Now place the plant in a sheltered spot to allow it to settle in.

Tips and Info

Please do not fertilise newly potted plants for a few weeks to allow them to develop their roots in their new potting media without any chance of burning. After this, we recommend a quality liquid fertilister once a week like Plant Runner indoor plant food available Here

Some plants like elephant ears (and some others) may loose some leaves while in shipping, this is 100% normal and they should recover and put out new leaves soon.