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Assorted Plant in 45mm Pot x 20

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Welcome to Plant&Leaf and our range of family grown plants. The first photo serves as a representative display, showcasing the beauty of a mature plant. The second photo provides a sample of a single plant from the current batch available. Please note the Pot size displayed on the heading of each product.

All of our plants are grown outdoors in nature and are exposed to the natural elements. Sometimes this means a leaf could have been chewed here and there or have a blemish or two – but we do our best to send the best plants we can on every order.

20 x Plants currently in a 45mm pots. These plants are randomly chosen by us from what stock is looking good on the day of packing. Any further questions, please feel free to email us or use the Chat feature on the website and we will reply as soon as we can. Always ensure that you read the Freight information page before ordering. Please note that if you try to contact us via email or using the chat option on the website, that our replies will often be sorted into your Junk/Spam folder so please check this folder regularly as we reply to everyone. It is important to ensure that you have read the Freight Information page before ordering.